Website Build

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Let us build your business website while you focus on service and sales. We don’t use the copy and paste template method. Your website will be unique just like you as a business owner in your own market. Each site consists of 10 pages of keyword rich content for a total of 5,000 words. Our websites are meant to showcase your business and services.  Think digital business card and lead magnet. 

Finding the right keywords for your niche or client is one of the most important part of the process. Knowing which keywords will help bring your website sooner by being easier to rank for.  We take all the guess work out of your niche research process.  We will dig in deep to your local competitors keywords to get you the best possible keywords for your on-page SEO and content.  

Having the right keywords on your page is important because when you start backlinking and the keywords are not in you content then it will not be as effective.  We even do a complete site layout for you, laying out the keywords for each page and selecting your H-Tags for the different heading on your pages.  So just give us your city and niche and we will do the rest.

Search Engine Optimization

It can take a lot of time to make a website rank depending on the age, authority, content and various other factors. After optimization, the result are not immediately visible but the rankings start to move within few weeks of us taking on the campaign.  That is why you need to look at SEO as a long term strategy.When a website ranks higher in Google, it results in more web requests. With the correct SEO optimization and a good link profile to the relevant pages, we ensure that your website is ranked higher in Google.

Before we start, we perform an audit to identify all on-page SEO , off-page SEO or local SEO issues. We investigate all relevant search terms that may be available for your service. Then a content map will be created to optimize the relevant pages for the desired keywords. Every search engine strategy stands or falls with its keyword analysis. Keyword analysis is the most important part of SEO. We optimize the title tags, meta descriptions, KW density, and other on-page issues.

Then we build quality links from external relevant websites that ‘link’ back to your, giving your site relevancy and popularity. We continuously monitor the keywords and rankings. Over time, the website will rank higher in Google’s search results. We analyze the data on a monthly basis to  strategize our link-building efforts to keep moving the rankings in the right direction. 

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GMB Optimization/Local SEO

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The basics of search engine optimization also applies to local SEO.  Local SEO is suitable for all sizes of businesses. Customers are looking for products or services close to where they are currently located. This could be anything from a nearby restaurant to a local home service contractor. Most people doing searches often look locally, and this is why GMB optimization and local ranking is very important.

Specific activities can ensure that your business is easier to find for people in your area: Keyword research must be specific to your company and industry while your Google My Business (GMB) account requires optimization. Additionally, optimizing content on your website and adding your business to local and directory listings aka ‘local citations’ (more information below) increases local findability and could potentially get you on the map section of a search.

For local ranking, relevance is a very important factor because a result is only relevant if it matches what someone is looking for. Search engines also take the distance into account – that is, the distance between the location of the searcher and the local company. Mobile searches may not always be accurate, so search engines look at the searchers IP address for an indication. The more Google can recognize your business as local and relevant, the better you will be reflected in the local results. 


Local Citations

A local citation is any mixture of your organization name, contact number, address, postal or zip code, and site address. Citations in SEO are an integral element in enhancing the regional search results. Citations provide localized relevancy, ability and geographical signals that just can not be acquired through traditional backlink campaigns. As part of a well-rounded SEO plan, citation building may indicate the difference between crushing the competition or getting left behind in the dust. Those companies not taking advantage of local citations are at a distinct competitive disadvantage.

Local citations are local small business listing on directory sites along with your business information. When users search the web for solutions such as yours, it’s necessary to get correct and precise listings to give your company a competitive edge. It helps with local rankings as well. It would be a good idea to start your citations as soon you get your Google My Business account verified (if you don’t already have one). If you do citations before your GMB is approved, then you run the risk of having to redo your citations.

A new website or GMB can definitely benefit from citation building during the early days. It helps with initial foundational links and brand awareness. Our trained in-house team creates every single directory listing by hand. We are strictly against using any scripts or bots to create local citations. It’s a complete manual process using the citation sources we have at our disposal. 

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Paid Advertising

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Creating strategic and well-targeted ads will allow your business and promotions to be viewed by a much larger audience. Our team has the knowledge to be able to transform the money you invest into the money you make, which is the ultimate goal. Utilizing the online ad tools such as Google Ads or that of social media, such as Facebook Ads, are key to targeting the right people to see your website or your online post in order to start increasing phone calls that drive sales.

As our team starts their targeted ad campaigns on the platform of your choice, data is continuously analyzed to guide our efforts in order to create customized future ads that are even more impressionable and targeting more people. These ads will bring in a new audience that are looking for your products or services and allows us to collect more information on how to better reach your target audience going forward.

Paid advertising through Google Ads or social media ads is a great short-term strategy to start bringing in new customers and increasing your brand awareness while our team works on the long-term goal of getting you to the top of the organic search. The ultimate goal is to build your company’s online presence so you are able to reap the long term benefits.